Cutrer's Meat Market and SlaughterhouseCutrer's
Meat Market & Slaughterhouse
Freshest Meat • Superior Flavor

Flavor and Freshness Locked InFresh Beef and Pork of the Highest Quality - cut or ground

Specially Double Wrapped and Flash Frozen
A unique, time tested process that locks in the most flavor and keeps the meat in its freshest state.
NO Chemicals, NO Preservatives - Nothing to compromise the taste or quality of the meat. Take it out of your freezer a year later, it will be as fresh as the day it was packed. NO Freezer Burn either!

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Baton Rouge Market Schedule
Every Saturday at Main Street Market, inside the Galvez Parking Garage;
Every Thursday at Perkins Rd Red Stick Market

grass fed beef
     Cutrer's Now Has Grass Fed Beef -   get details here   -

"I've tried most of what they have, one of "The BEST" sources for prime cut meat anywhere- great people to do business with- this is one of those rare cases where you get MORE THAN YOU PAY FOR. THANKS - hope to see you Sat.
Thomas K., Baton Rouge

Slicing 1-1/4" thick Cutrer's Ribeye Steak

Cutrer's, Doing What's Right Since 1958
We strive to always provide our customers with the freshest and best tasting meat, the tenderest meat with the best texture...
For more than 50 years we've been perfecting our butchering and preparation so the meat you get from Cutrer's is second to none.

Full Retail Meat Market & SlaughterhouseBeef, Hogs, Lamb - get more info Deer / Wild Game Processing - get more info
Exceptional Venison Sausage - learn more about sausage
Here at Cutrer's, we make sure you get the best yield and quality out of your animal, and it's specially packed to last in your freezer and maintain the taste and texture of fresh meat.

Where to Buy:   

Kentwood Full Retail Meat Market & Slaughterhouse: Monday - Friday 8 to 5, Saturday 8 to noon
Baton Rouge Markets: Thursday & Saturday mornings - 8am to noon - for location & schedule

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For the Sausage Connoisseur...
Paw Gaylon's Real Hickory Smoked Sausage
A secret family recipe, more than 100 years old. Handed down from generation to generation, perfected.
Fresh, lean top quality pork - No filler meat - No Preservatives. Smoked with real hickory - no liquid smoke.
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