Cutrer's Paw Gaylon's Real Hickory Smoked Sausage

A Secret Family Recipe over 100 years old


Certified Product of LouisianaThe texture... The taste... The aroma...

There's a certain quality to a great sausage, a marriage of many subtle ingredients, prepared and combined in just the right way, cured with a real hickory wood smoking...

From deep Louisiana we give you Paw Gaylon's - Fine Sausage, perfected.

It starts with fresh pork of the highest quality...It has never been frozen or processed. It is fresh from top quality producers with a long history of superior care. Hogs are corn fed, which we feel produces better flavor. Screening producers is the 1st step in quality assurance. On arrival, we inspect the meat to be sure it meets our standards, before it goes to sausage making - step #2 in assuring quality sausage.

Lean with No Filler Meats...
Paw Gaylon's Smoked Sausage directly out of the smoker It's all top quality lean pork shoulders, selected (or rejected) by hand as it's trimmed - the 3rd step in assuring quality - and we trim it lean and remove any parts of lower quality! Most sausage has fat content approaching 30%. We use top quality lean pork, and then we trim it to make it more lean. In addition, we use no fillers or filler meats - our sausage is lean, the quality is consistent. This provides the base for creating premium sausage flavor and texture.

Sausage, right out of the smoker... Notice the rich, golden brown color; try a sample, it crisply snaps off, yet the sausage is tender and absolutely delicious!

Superior ingredients make superior sausage.

Our Secret Recipe Seasoning...Now we begin to add the magic... Over 100 years ago, as a young man in the late 1800s, our grandfather created a special seasoning and recipe for his sausage that sets it apart from all others. It is very detailed, with specific standards for each ingredient, and how they are combined, blended and left to rest. It has remained a closely guarded secret in our family for 3 generations.

All Natural Casing..Synthetic casing is used industry wide. We use natural casing. It costs more, but it tastes better and does a better job of letting the hickory smoking flavor penetrate into the sausage meat. It allows the smoking to really flavor the sausage, makes for better cooking and curing in the smoker, and gives the sausage that tender, yet crispy texture.

Real Hickory Smoking..Now the ingredients come to life! As they cook and cure in the smoker - smoke made by smoldering real hickory wood - the meat, the juices and seasoning, and the subtle hickory flavoring all simmer and react, cooking inside that natural casing. The hot juices flavor the casing and give it its crispness and texture.

And Now it Rests...Before packing, the sausage rests in a cooler to finish curing. Every step in the process has its specific time and temperature, every detail is accounted for, to bring you the taste, the texture and the aroma of a truly premium hickory smoked sausage.

Now comes your part. How are you going to prepare it?

Doing What's Right Since 1958
For more than 50 years we've been perfecting what we do and how we do it, so the meats and sausages you get from Cutrer's are second to none.

Cutrer's always strives to provide our customers with the freshest, best tasting meat.

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