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Wild Game / Deer Processing

Deer Processing
We process every deer individually.
Your meat does not get mixed with anyone else's.
If you bring in good meat, you get back good meat. Guaranteed.

Now Featuring Deer Bacon and
Jalapeno & Cheese Sausage

Whitetail buck deer

We slice and tenderize backstraps, round steaks, and tenderloins.

All meat is cut or ground fresh, double wrapped and flash frozen, locking in freshness and flavor. NO CHEMICALS or PRESERVATIVES. You get the best flavor and most tender meat.
Meat will last 3 years in your freezer with NO Freezer Burn.

Venison Sausage is made to our secret family recipe, perfected over more than 100 years. All smoking is done with real hickory. Make the most of your hunt, get the best yield and quality. Your deer will never taste better!
  Hickory Smoked Link Deer Sausage
  Italian Breakfast Deer Sausage
  Hickory Smoked Home Style Salami
  Cajun Garlic & Green Onion Deer Sausage
  Southern Breakfast Patty Deer Sausage

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