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Beef and Pork Processing
We process every animal individually. Your meat does not get mixed with anyone else's. If you bring in good meat, you get back good meat. Guaranteed.

tagged beef hanging in freezer

Here's what you need to know:
• An owner tags and weighs your animal, and it is processed, butchered and packaged individually, one at a time. Your meat is never mixed with anyone else's.
• All meat is cut or ground fresh, double wrapped and flash frozen, to lock in freshness and flavor. You get the best flavor and most tender meat.
• Our Flash Freezing Process provides meat that will last 3 years in your freezer with NO Freezer Burn. Your meat comes out fresh and tender.


Cuts of Beef
Here's a diagram to show you the various cuts of beef, common names and where they come from on the animal. This may help when placing your order... Beef Diagram

Pork Processing
Here's a form to help you with planning and placing your order for hog processing. Print this out and bring it with your animal to save time... Slaughterhouse Pork Processing Form

Look at page 4 of our price list... Price List


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